The Advantages of a Wedding Planner

The Advantages of a Wedding Planner

Have you ever wondered why Jennifer Lopez had made such a great impact on her movie, “The Wedding Planner?” This is because most people, after watching the film, had finally realized the importance of hiring a wedding planner.

Long before, most couples are having second thoughts on the idea of hiring a wedding planner. They have doubts if hiring the services of a wedding planner is really worth their money, especially those who are in a tight budget.

Basically, hiring the services of a wedding planner is actually a matter of choice and personal preference. If you think that you and your fiancé can handle most of the wedding planning without any burden, then, go on with your plans.

But if you think that doing all the planning from the very beginning is already tedious, then, it is time for you to hire the services of a wedding planner.

Basically, a wedding planner is someone who is adept and knowledgeable when it comes to wedding plans. Wedding planners have already established their contacts with many businesses that are important in the wedding such as flower arrangers, caterers, venues, etc.

So, for most people who are not yet aware the benefits they can derive from hiring a wedding planner, here are some facts that you need to know:

1. Hiring a wedding planner will save you time.

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task. It can even be more tedious if the person who plans the wedding is a participant also like the bride or the groom. It can be really difficult to have an open mind especially with all the jitters and everything.

Moreover, planning a wedding does not happen overnight. Usually, it would take you 200 to 300 hours of planning, thinking, and brainstorming. Hence, to save you time and effort, it is best to hire the services of a wedding planner.

2. More savings

Many people contend that the reason why they do not hire a wedding planner is that it will be an additional cost on their part.

What they do not know is that hiring the services of a wedding planner can actually save you more money because most of the wedding planners have already established solid contacts with some of the common wedding businesses like flower arrangers, venues, and the like. Therefore, discounts are more likely to happen because they have their own connections already.

3. Organized planning

With wedding planners, weddings can be more organized because most wedding planners are very particular from the biggest down to the last details of the wedding.

After all, it is their job so they know what should be done best.

Moreover, wedding planners have actual timeline that they follow in order to have all the details be ready on time or even way ahead of time, leaving all the last-minute changes behind.

4. The decisions are still yours

With wedding planners, the decisions are still with the couple. The wedding planner will just guide, render some suggestions, and assist the couple in making the decision.

Hence, the couple will be able to, still, have their own style and preference with regards to the planning of their wedding.

5. Confidence boosters

One of the best things about wedding planners is that they act as confidence boosters for the bride and the groom.

We all know how jittery and edgy wedding couples can be especially if they are in a rush or having trouble finding the perfect item for their wedding. But wedding planner, they will be more at ease and more confident that their wedding will be perfect because they know that they have laid the details of their wedding upon the hands of a professional.

Indeed, there could be no better person who really knows the ins and outs of wedding planning more than what the wedding planner can do.

So, for great weddings, it is best to hire the services of a wedding planner.

Money And Marriage 101

Money And Marriage 101

It is good to get some solid financial-based marriage advice before taking the plunge. The engagement ring is only the first of many big expenses. When considering money management just before and after marriage, there are some basic questions that you may want to ask:

Q. Is a prenuptial agreement necessary?
A. Legally speaking, marriage splits your combined assets and liabilities right down the middle. Everything gets shared. Therefore, a prenuptial agreement is sometimes very necessary, particularly when a married man or woman has assets or liabilities that will greatly exceed that of his or her spouse. To make a decision that is right for the both of you, consult with a financial planner who is familiar with the marriage laws in your state.

Q. What about opening a joint bank account?
A. Since all your money will in essence be merged together, opening a joint bank account can make paying bills much simpler. This is particularly true of bills for things that you own and share as a married couple, such as a house or insurance. However, it is also a good idea to budget some spending money to put into your own personal accounts.

Q. What is the average wedding cost?
A. Marriage preparation can be really hectic and stressful, depending on how fancy you want to get. Add the stress of trying to stick to a wedding budget, and you could be in for a rocky beginning. The average wedding cost is more than $15,000. This may be comfortable for you, or maybe not. Set a realistic budget taking into account your debts and your income.

Q. My spouse is a spender and I’m a saver. Will we ever agree?
A. A good marriage is about finding balance; but most of all, it is about survival. That means being less selfish, being willing to negotiate and to compromise. If you find yourself at odds about your spending habits, get premarital counseling. Couple counseling can open the lines of communication. In the long-run, good communication is the key to successful financial and family planning.

How a Wedding Planner Can Make Your Wedding Event a Grand Success

How a Wedding Planner Can Make Your Wedding Event a Grand Success

A Marriage Adviser is an experienced who programs and arranges marriage ceremony. The planner looks after the solutions and resources necessary for wedding. The wedding planner also works out agreements with companies, who offer resources and solutions for wedding. A relationship planner is the person who makes sure that wedding occurrence is sleek and without any issues.

Planning for a wedding can be quite difficult and needs a lot of effort from everyone engaged in the planning and planning process. A lot of design is necessary for a wedding and it sometimes becomes difficult to deal with everything completely. However, a wedding is such a celebration that comes once in your life, so it becomes that much more essential to be successful.

To create their marriage ceremony a lavish achievements, partners are selecting the solutions of wedding organizers, who exceed in making wedding occurrence an unforgettable experience for the several as well as for the guests in wedding.

Some of the things that a wedding planner does are:

* Finding the several and their family – It is necessary for the planner to know exactly how the bridegroom and woman and their loved ones want wedding matter to be performed. So, it needs the planner to sit with them and talk about the various opportunities and options that they would like to be engaged in wedding.

* Funds planning – This is the most essential element of a wedding and the planner has to create sure that the money assigned for each element eventually generates the preferred results.

* Marriage Clothing – The planner has the included liability of getting the apparel to be used by the several in wedding and in some cases for a week running up to the event occurrence.

* Planning specific guidelines – A guidelines is quite essential for any occurrence and more so for a wedding, as one has to take care of every single details. The guidelines works as a beneficial device to deal with the whole occurrence.

* Person in attendance record planning – A planner’s job also includes planning the attendee record for wedding plus the planner is expected to deliver the participants an invite for wedding.

* Determining Event location – The planner is also necessary to assist the consumer in determining the location for the occurrence and once the choice is made, he/she has to do the arranging of the location.

* Determining and selecting solutions of wedding experts – A planner is also accountable to organize for the caterers, band, videographers, flower shops, professional photographers, designers, bakers along with the managers necessary for both the several on their wedding. The planner also does the discussions and accomplishments of the agreements.

* Control of deliveries/services on wedding – On wedding, a planner has his/her work die cut with needing appropriate synchronization and shipping of resources.

* Concurrent Strategy – A planner must make a a contingency plan in case of any problem that might happen on wedding.
Brides can search for expert wedding organizers, who could offer the solutions one is looking for online. Wedding brides to be can also evaluate between the solutions offered and the costs among available organizers and then negotiate for the one who will do the job.

Wedding Ceremony Decoration

Wedding Ceremony Decoration
Wedding ceremony decorations
Wedding ceremony decorations

Wedding ceremonies are the most intimate, special part of the wedding. As it goes, wedding decorations are reflective of the couple and their personality. The wedding ceremony is where the attention will first go, and gives a preview of how the reception will look like.

Wedding ceremony decorations should be kept simple and within the theme of the entire wedding, so that the focus will all go to the event itself, and to the bride and groom. At most, churches or ceremony decorations should be muted and should enhance the location, and not be too loud or distracting.


Here are some tips for wedding ceremony decoration that you can use, for both indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies.

1. There are many ways a ceremony can be made to look extra special for this special day, and one way is adding flowers. Place bouquets of flowers around the pillars of church, carefully tied with delicate and sheer ribbon. Flowers are also placed along the aisle in the church, by the entrance, and hung in various strategically chosen areas of the ceiling. By the altar, pillars can also be wrapped with lace and tulle, and touches of flowers but not too extravagant.

White is an excellent choice for wedding ceremony decoration flowers; it adds to the innocence of the whole event. You can add subtle color and make white the dominating theme with greens to enhance it, or using the two or three colors of your wedding theme. The colors used for venue decoration should never be too far from the colors of the bouquets used, so that there is harmony.

If you are getting married in Christmas, use Christmas wreaths to decorate the ceremony as well. Seasonal themes are a great way to decorate your wedding. Place wreaths on doors and a few on walls, so as not to overdo it.

2. Use soft lighting to give a romantic atmosphere. You can use Christmas lights to light the aisle, and use colorful metallic ribbons to cover the wire. Go ahead and use lights for a contrast, or use them in complementing colors with the rest of your theme.

Large candles are a great way to add lighting to the wedding ceremony. If the church is large, big candles are a good idea, to minimize small candles falling and accidents.

Torches should be kept at a minimum during wedding receptions, placing them in strategic places such as entrances and exits. Altar torches are a great idea to light up the ceremony.

Lights can also be hung on strings or thin ribbons to make outdoor venues more romantic. Tie Christmas lights to light up dancing areas, dining areas, and along the buffet table.

3. Colorful ribbons and lace in various colors can enhance the mood in the church. Use gold, ivory, or silver to drape around flowers, walls, and pillars. More contrasting colors such as deep purple, magenta, red, forest green and dark blue can be added in small amounts. This can be done using two strips of ribbon at the same time, with the gold one being the dominant, thick ribbon, while a thinner colored one is attached with it. Place them around chairs, behind pews, and to tie flowers onto the aisle.

4. Large ribbons in doorways make for a grand entrance and exit. From the outside and inside, ribbons can frame doorways or entrances.

5. Balloons are also a great idea to decorate wedding ceremonies. Balloon bouquets in soft colors such as white, pink, blue, yellow and mint green add touches of color to the venue. Balloons can also be tied to the backs of chairs or sides of pews. In indoor venues, you can also try letting some balloons float in the air.

Balloons can also be tied to a wire to form an arch over the wedding cake. Simply use wire to form a dome over the cake area, and tie small balloons around them. Corners of rooms and indoor venues can also use a bunch of balloons.

For outdoor weddings, balloons can be a minimal part of the entire design by tying balloons to pillars, gazebos, or tent poles.

When designing your wedding ceremony decorations, remember to keep it simple and use things that are reflective of you. This is your special day after all, and planning decorations does not have to be difficult if you keep these pointers in mind.

The Right Way to Manage Your Personal Wedding Event Planning

The Right Way to Manage Your Personal Wedding Event Planning

Therefore we’ll pretend you just recently got engaged to get hitched. Most people may possibly be contemplating, what do I start doing? It’s necessary to remain well prepared and in fact get a system. There will be a lot to attempt throughout the coming calendar months therefore the 1st detail you may need to accomplish is that you need to arranged a wedding event date which means that you understand exactly what you desire to accomplish by then.

If you are thinking precisely how many months its going to take to organize the wedding reception this process is determined by your personal predicament. Are you presently a higher education student? Will you go to work full time? Will you maintain a fastpaced personal life? All these basic questions will certainly play a sizable fadtor with your choice. Attempting to keep these particular elements in the mind it ought to generally take about 4 or 5 months’ for that regular person for you to schedule a great wedding and reception. When you can be very busy, you might want to grant your spouse added time.

Immediately after you have establish a particular date it really is the time to begin making plans. 1st item you will do is actually do a list of just about everything that is going to end up being taken care of by the wedding event. Document everything from cards to flowers and tiny decorations. As soon as you could have the whole thing written down on a piece of paper organize these details in order from most vital to smallest significance. Carry out the most critical matters first and foremost.

Just keep under consideration that specific factors need to get successfully done by certain days. Your invites ought to get sent out prior to requiring flower arrangements. You want to reserve a reception center the instant you set in place a wedding date. That is definitely the earliest job you need to complete. Locate a location that’ll accommodate the wedding budget and furthermore support the actual total amount of guests you’ll end up bringing.

The reception should really be approximately half of your wedding and reception budget. Are you presently questioning just how much cash you’ll want to pay out? It’s always complicated to respond to this inquiry because We have no idea just how much moolah you’ve got but I’ve got numerous guidelines. The primary and even most prominent suggestion is always to never borrow money with regard to your own wedding. Conserve the most cash as you’re able to and don’t fork out any more than you will have. It’s possible to prepare a wedding for not much. Its going to need alot more time and versatility but I recognize it is possible to do it. For anyone who is perusing this prior to being engaged to be married I really encourage you to get started on saving cash fast.

Certainly one of the most significant important things I’m going to tell you is that you have to have help. What I am telling you is that it happens to be so difficult for you to prepare a wedding without any help. The extra support you’ll have the better it will probably be. For people who have a great deal of assistance its going to lower your planning time substantially. For anybody who is engaging in everything yourself make sure that you provide yourself far more preparation time.

This precious time of your lifetime must be incredibly thrilling. I personally know that you will be stressed. It is literally unattainable to stay clear of. Be certain that you do not attempt to accomplish a great deal more than you are able to cope with. One particular tip is always to continually go on regular dates with your fiancée. This may seem obvious yet I have come across quite a few lovers become overly focused and forget to indulge in their own wedding planning days.

Wedding Event Planning Smooth Sailing

Wedding Event Planning Smooth Sailing

The first step of wedding event planning is to determine the exact wedding date. It is the first detail that should be taken care of before starting the wedding planning preparation. It is very important because it will determine the availability of the venue for the wedding ceremony, the wedding reception and the availability of your friends and family on the assigned date.

In order to ensure that you get the most out of your money, you should search for venues can provide deals on off peak wedding dates. The date a wedding is scheduled greatly affects the overall cost of your planning. For example, try asking the venue for various price packages a few days after a major holiday season. This is typically the best time to host your wedding day because this is considered an non peak season for weddings. You can usually find some great cost savings by booking during these time periods.

You wedding is a special and unforgettable day in your life. You will want to document every precious memory by hiring a professional photographer. While you might have friends and family that may be somewhat skilled with a camera, consider hiring a professional. Your wedding will be the most important day of your life. You want to make sure that the memories are skillfully and accurately captured for all time.

Another important detail to plan for is the cake. Before you select a cake for your wedding, try tasting several varieties first. You should invite some friends and family to try cake with you because something that you enjoy may not be something that your guests like. Cake tasting can be a fun event in itself.

And if you are the eager bride, no wedding is complete without the wedding gown. You should start looking for a wedding gown months before the wedding date. The groom should also start to make arrangements for whether he will rent or buy a tuxedo. You should accomplish both tasks preferably in advance in case there is trouble with the fitting. If the couples don’t have enough time on their hands to go over their wedding preparation, then they can always hire a professional event planning services provider. This way, the couple can rest assured that a professional is using professional event planning tools and that everything is in order.