Fun Ideas For Unity Candles

Fun Ideas For Unity Candles

If you are planning a wedding and plan to have a unity candle as part of the ceremony, you might want to think outside the box.

Traditionally, the unity candle involves three candles. The bride has one, the groom the other, and their two lighted candles light the third candle. This is done to represent the coming together of the two people to make one unit. In some alternate methods, family members are invited to participate in the unity candle lighting, often the mothers of the bride and groom, or other close members of the family. Each family then lights a candle, and together they light the unity candle to symbolize of the coming together of the families.

Now, there are a few twists you can add to this fairly conventional aspect of a wedding ceremony. You can provide each guest with an unlit candle when they arrive at the ceremony. After the couple lights the unity candle, they can ask the guests to move to the front of the church (or wherever the ceremony is being held) and light their candles with the lighted unity candle. This can take a bit of time and might be best with a smaller guest list. But it is a meaningful way to not only get your guests involved in the ceremony itself, but also symbolize the union of family and friends with the marriage.

If there is a large guest list and it would be a prohibitive waste of time to do a candle lighting involving everyone at the ceremony, some brides and grooms like to bring the unity candle to the reception. Light the candle again and provide each guest with a small votive candle (the candle holder will be on the tables at individual table settings). As guests come into the reception area or hall, they can light their votive and take it to their table to place into the votive holder. This small votive candle can double as a wedding favor, particularly if you decorate or enhance a plain votive candleholder in some way to coordinate with your wedding.

Of course, you can forget having a unity candle at the ceremony altogether. Many brides these days are trying to reduce the length of the ceremony and spend more time planning the reception. In that light, some choose to do away with a unity candle altogether. You can certainly do this, or you can cut it out of the ceremony and make it part of the reception.

To do this, you can use the votive candle option suggested above, or you can simply incorporate the unity candle lighting into the reception activities themselves. For example, you might choose a quiet moment in the reception to have a lighting of the unity candle. It might be during a short prayer prior to the serving of the meal, or right before the cake is cut. In this case, the unity candle can then be used as decoration on the cake table. As the bride and groom cut the cake and pieces are served to guests, the candle can also serve as a reminder of the couple’s new bond and that the bond is shared with all the guests as well.

Although having a unity candle at the wedding or reception isn’t necessary, it is certainly an option that many brides and grooms opt to include. But it’s important to remember that as with so much surrounding wedding planning there are ways to make it unique and interesting and special to the couple getting married.

Tips When Doing Wedding Toasts

Tips When Doing Wedding Toasts

Wedding toasts perform an essential role during the wedding celebration.  The wedding toast serves as a link between the formal wedding ceremonies and the less formal atmosphere of the wedding reception.

The wedding toast also allows some members of the family, relatives and closest friends to express their feelings and to wish the couple well.

Having toasts started from the belief that creating some noise, such as ringing a bell, in this case, the clinking of a glass, can cast away evil spirits.

The wedding toast may follow a traditional or a non-traditional order.

In the traditional order, the first toast is the toast to the bride or the toast to the bride and groom.  This is done by the best man, a relative or a friend.  The groom then responds with a message to his bride, the person who made the toast, the couple’s parents and a toast to the bridesmaids.

The best will then respond to thank the groom on behalf of the bridesmaids.  At times, if the bride has spoken after the groom, the best man will thank the bridesmaids.

A close friend or relative may then follow with another toast.  After this, the father of the bride thanks the guests on behalf of his wife and himself, and announces that they can begin with the celebration.

The non-traditional toast is done to do something different from the tradition.  The order may be changed to suit the guests and the occasion.

The emcee proposes the first toast for the couple.  The groom then thanks the emcee and the guests and toasts to his bride.  The bride thanks her groom and the guests and proposes a toast to her parents and her in-laws.  At times, a special toast may be done for her in-laws.

The father of the bride thanks the bride for the toast, thanks the guests for attending and announces that the celebration may begin.  At times, the emcee may propose a toast to the bridesmaids, after which the maid of honor may respond with thanks or propose another toast.  The emcee may introduce guests who will propose their toasts, and announce the beginning of the celebration.

Here are some tips when proposing a toast.

* The bride should be served the beverage first, followed by the groom, the maid of honor, the parents and then the best man.

* The toast can be done with a sip of wine, champagne or a non-alcoholic drink except coffee, tea and water.

* If you will propose the first toast, make sure that not only your glass, but also all the other glasses are filled before you start speaking.

* When proposing a toast, raise your glass with your right hand.  The glass should be held in a straight line from the shoulder.

* It is better to compose your own wedding toast.  However, if you cannot write a good one, you can try traditional wedding toast but make sure to personalize it to include your feelings and thoughts about the bride and groom.

* Always remember to end a toast with an invitation to the guests to join you and something that tells them what to say in response.

These are some things that one should remember when proposing a wedding toast.  On the other hand, if you received a toast, you do not raise your glass, stand, nor sip your drink.  You just thank the toasters and although you are not required, you may propose another toast.

A Dream Unique Wedding Idea

A Dream Unique Wedding Idea

Everyone who wants to get married wants to have the most unique wedding ever – different from all other wedding events. But what really is a unique wedding? For some, a “unique” wedding may be having a theme that is unusual. They may have personalized the ceremony and/or they may have a really ‘unique” wedding program at the reception. For some, a “unique” wedding is using strange apparatus on the ceremonies, decorations, wedding favors, and their invitations. That may even include the venue as well as the clothing, and probably, the visitors’ and guests’ attires. There can be a variety of interpretations of a “unique” wedding. You maybe have your own apprehension of it. But whatever that is, I am pretty sure it is a little bit broad, non-specific, and possibly complicated. To make things clear, here are some ideas for you to perfect your dream to have a “unique” wedding.

A “unique” wedding invitation can be done like a scroll. You may have seen this idea in classical movies when sending a message from one castle to another , however very unusual for present days for a wedding invitation. Depending on your theme, you can print more designs using a recycled paper, then roll it, and tie it with a ribbon, lace, or a small size native rope. You can also attach a dried tree twig or stick on both the edges of the paper to add more glamour on it. However, if this a bit more tasky for you to do, you can still choose to have a contemporary enveloped wedding invitation but using the materials that are not likely common.

For a “unique” wedding favor, you can base the design on your wedding theme, too, just like your invitation (that is why it is very important that you decide for a “unique” wedding theme first and foremost before you start doing anything else). Anything edible wedding favor can make a “unique” favor for any wedding theme. Any shapes and designs can done most especially for cookies wedding favors. Candies and chocolate wedding favors can also complete your “unique” wedding. Something plantable would definitely be an awesome idea. Sun flower seeds or wild flower seeds are not only “unique” wedding favors but are also a leeway of promoting an eco-friendly ambiance on your wedding. Of course, anything that are useful at home like paper and salt shakers or a whisk will surely be appreciated. Your wedding favors are your way to extend your appreciation to your guests.

No matter what your idea is of a “unique” wedding theme that you are dreaming of, you will surely enjoy your wedding day. For as long you have made an effort to make your dream come true and applied your craftiness, skills, and talents on your wedding, that is the most original theme that you have come up of. Anything under the sun would be welcome and sky is the limit for you to emanate your goal. Just do what you think is right! It’s your day anyways…

A Wedding to Remember: Unique Wedding Ideas They’ll Never Forget

A Wedding to Remember: Unique Wedding Ideas They’ll Never Forget

Once in a lifetime events such as your wedding day should be something really unique and unforgettable. To make this happen you need plan your wedding. Planning your wedding involves a little ingenuity. This will allow you to create a wedding day that is fun and memorable for all. Read more and consider these unique wedding ideas to set a wedding to remember.

It is a formal nature of the wedding that the groom and bride meet and greet, rehearse their walk down the isle with the bride wearing her bridal jewelry [], and sit down to a moderate repast. You can infuse some unique wedding ideas to this gathering. An example of altering the entire sit down dinner is inviting the rehearsal dinner guests to go out on a picnic which is perfect in warmer months. Another great idea is inviting them for a potluck dinner which is great any time. These unique wedding ideas not only relieve a lot of wedding strain but also allow the guests to have more time to interact with each other.

The wedding ceremony is a solemn and respectful moment, but some couples infuse the unique wedding ideas in the wedding ceremony itself as a way to personalize the wedding and making it an unforgettable nuptial. Have you seen an entire wedding party dancing up and down the isle to make a lively entrance? Some couples have chosen to have their grand entrance to the tune of particular dance music while the bride wears her wedding dress and the whole bridal party wearing their own. It may seem to be unconventional but it sure makes a memorable and unique wedding celebration.

Another way to make your wedding day unique is seating guests at round tables at the venue of the wedding itself. You maximize the use of one venue as your ceremony and reception area. Though it looks like a reception, the guests watch as the ceremony takes place while seated at round tables. After the ceremony, the place turns into a beautiful reception. The advantage? The wedding couple saves a lot of money as they do not have to pay for two venues. This arrangement is also in favor of the guests because they do not have to travel from one venue to another.

You can incorporate all sorts of unique wedding ideas in your wedding theme. You can try the idea of a renaissance-themed wedding. The couple will be wearing flowing fabrics and special headpieces. They can make wedding more interesting if they will hire jugglers, jesters, and dancers to set the renaissance mood. You can also have aChristmas theme since the holiday is coming But no matter what your wedding theme may be, you need to explore all the possibilities available that you can think of to make your wedding special. Also, you can rely on your friends to help you plan a unique wedding and for sure they will be more than happy to support you in your dream wedding

Unique wedding gift ideas

Unique wedding gift ideas

Attending a wedding soon and you still don’t know what to give the couple-t be? Tired of the usually home appliances or home décor? Please, not another blender, vacuum cleaner or oven toaster. Money of course will be very much appreciated but it would deem to impersonal.

Giving gifts to the couple is part of the traditions on wedding. Your gift symbolizes your good will towards the couple. It represents your wish for them to have a happy life together.

Of course, your first consideration when buying wedding gift is durability. You would want to give a gift that would last a long time. But of course you would  also want a gift that is individual and would reflect your personality. A gift that the couple will remember is from you because of its uniqueness. This means the wedding gift you should give should make a lasting impression about you.

Below are several unique gift ideas that will surely make you unforgettable with the couple.

Jewelry is a very “safe” yet unique wedding gift especially for the bride. We all know that most women love jewelry and the bride would simply be happy upon seeing your gift of jewelry. The bride will be definitely be surprised and fascinated when she open your gift. Choose simple yet very elegant pieces like brooch pins, hairpins, earrings, pendants, chains, necklaces and bracelets. If you have the money and if the bride really matters to you (a sister, best friend, etc.) then of course you could give her diamonds. You could also include a\n elegant jewelry box along with your jewelry gift.

Again, this will be another hit with the bride. Next to jewelry, shoe and bags delight women You can give her a beautiful and exquisite evening bag or hand bag. If your want something smaller then give her a clutch bag. You could also put a small make up kit inside.

Gift ideas for the groom
Of course you shouldn’t forget the groom. They say that it is easier to give gifts to men because and it could be true. Some ideal gifts for grooms include writ and pocket watches, ties and tiepins, gold, silver or diamond studded cufflinks. You could also give the groom formal suits and shirts. You could also consider his hobby. Give him a musical instrument like a guitar or drums if he is into music or a set of golf clubs, basketball or baseball set if he is into sports.

Naughty items
Naughty items found in most novelty shops like naughty t-shirts, hast, caps, wedding night kits, underwear are always a hit with couples. However, be sure hat you know the bride and groom very well before considering buying such items for them. Naughty items may seem impolite and offensive to some individuals.

Paintings and sculptures are very ideal as wedding gifts. They are also very practical since the couple can use them to beautify their future home. Just be sure that you know the preference of the couple when it comes to art or else your gift would simply lie around in the garage of attic.

Personalized items
You could give the couple personal items like photo albums, pillows and pillow cases, photo frames, wedding plates, etc. There are many companies specializing in personalizing different things so for sure you wouldn’t have a hard time looking.